Lightwave Aerial Construction Site Report

Example Site Development

Job ID: 0002

Developer: BFD Construction

Location: Fairfax, VA

Located in Fairfax, VA this is a mixed-use development for sports complex. corporate headquarters, multiple retail, service  establishments, and popular restaurants. 


This page has been assembled for BFD Construction. This page is password protected so that only persons authorized by BFD may view these contents. Over the course of the construction development project, Lightwave Aerial will provide video, photos, elevation contour maps and site analytics to demonstrate project progression. Each week new data is generated and added to the webpage.

Lightwave Aerial website

Digital Terrain Analysis

This section contains color-coded digital elevation maps (DEM). Click the icon in upper right corner to toggle between colorized DEM and terrain view. Click the shapes on left to measure distance and area. Map accuracy error is less than 3 inches.

Click HERE for enlarger version

Section-2: Site Overview

Georeferenced orthomosaic maps are obtained periodically (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). The maps are combined to provide overview of site progression. Click the arrows to see next picture.

Photo & Video

This section contains aerial still photos and video of  the site. These images compliment the georeferenced maps to show details of site progression. 

Still Photos

4K Video

3-Dimensional View

Images and videos are combined to generate 3-dimensional rendering of the site. 3-dimensional visualization provides unique site perspective and can identify deviation from engineering and architectural specifications. CLICK the white text at bottom of image for rotation instructions.

A low resolution version of the 3-dimensional site model is shown as as an example. Let us know if you would like a full resolution 3-D rendering.

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