Customer: BF Real Estate

Property Address: Herndon, Virginia, 20170       

Lightwave POC: John Smith  571-222-1234

Date: 10-01-2021

Job ID: 0001

Value Package:

Photos,  Panorama, 15-sec videos, 4K video (with production and music curation)



4K Outdoor Video (post-production with music curation)

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Packages & Pricing

All packages include pre-mission planning, travel within 20-mile radius, and up to one hour of flight time. Due to FAA  drone safety regulations, flight schedules depend on the weather, but all missions will be flown as soon as possible after scheduling. We will host all products at no extra charge. Prices are shown for residential or commercial properties up to 10,000 sq-ft.

( + $75 for music curation )