Drone Inspection

Tower Inspection

Telecommunications & Utilities

Building Inspection

Infrastructure & Utilities

Aerial Tower Inspection

No scaffolding & less manpower for cell tower and power line inspections.

Lower cost inspection allows more frequent inspections to reduce downtime. Drones also offer live streaming for real-time assessment of conditions.

Aerial Roof Inspection

Drones can collect large amounts of photographic and video data easily and quickly

Remove the need place workers in hazardous situations. Reduce liability costs associated with accidents.

Drones can access difficult areas where other means of access may not be practical, cost-effective or safe. 

Play Video

Drones provide high resolution videos and photos of roofs and buildings. They require less manpower and less time to complete. High-resolution images can identify defects to gutters, parapets, skylights and more.

Machine learning fault prediction capability reduces downtime and repairs by finding problems earlier.

3-Dimensional Inspection

Drones can be used to generate 3-D models to provide detailed insight into building structural or safety problems. Click lower right for full page view.


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